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Dweller Cafe

We currently run Dweller cafe in two locations to connect you to the power of indigenous plants and serve for the simple joys. We serve local delights along with our teas, so step inside and relive the simpler times.


Dweller's first cafe

We opened our first Dweller Cafe in Nov 2018 at Lamphel Supermarket in Imphal, Manipur.


Naturally delightful sips

We joyfully serve a range of dweller teas, freshly brewed hot as well as iced.

IMG_20210915_183903 (1)_edited.jpg

Dweller delights

We serve local delights and comforts sets to go with your choice of Dweller tea. Current fav? Black rice pancake.


Black rice bakes

Black rice is organically grown in Manipur. Sourced direct from grower, our black rice bakes are vegetarian, and free from refined flour + refined sugar.


Vocal for local

Supporting each other is the way to go, so every year, we have a pop-up at Dweller to promote everything local.

Dweller cafe when no power_candles.jpg

Life is still beautiful

Power cut happens once in a while in Manipur.. but our customers make each moment count over candlelight tea.

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