All Flavours Bundle

All Flavours Bundle


Ten flavours in a bundle. What’s in it? Fruity Roselle Olive, Refreshing Sumac Berry, Lemongrass Ginger, Nong-mang-kha Ginger Green Tea, Garcinia Green Tea, Ginger Green Tea, Pure Lemongrass, Gentle Green Tea with Lotus Leaf, Turmeric Ginger with Star Anise and Strong Black Tea. Each pack contains 3 infusion bags.

  • Fruity Roselle Olive: This infusion is vibrant red, delicious and refreshing, hot or iced. Indian Olive has a charm of its own - with fresh citrusy notes. Roselle ties the tart blend together for an energising and uplifting sip.


    Refreshing Sumac Berry: This tea is bursting with tart and citrusy flavour of Sumac berry (locally Hei-mang). Sip iced or a delicious cup of hot Sumac Berry tea for digestion, energy and simple joy with every sip.


    Lemongrass Ginger: This natural duo finds its way through the growers of Manipur. Long known for antioxidant and anti- inflammatory benefits, they are high grown in the pristine hills, and they have a bit more zing!


    Nong-mang-kha Ginger Green: Nong-mang-kha is a traditional remedy for cold, cough and everyday wellness. Known by the dwellers of Manipur for its antiviral benefits, feel good sipping Nong-mang-kha with familiar benefits of ginger and green leaf tea.


    Garcinia Green: Slightly tangy, this indigenous fruit gets the digestive juices flowing and offers a light feel. Naturally grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, sip Garcinia with gentle green tea for your everyday detox.


    Ginger Green: Pleasantly warm and soothing, we created this blend for cleansing and everyday wellness. While ginger is made from fresh by Dweller, we source our green tea from an organic certified garden in the local region.


    Pure Lemongrass: High grown and sourced fresh from growers in Manipur, this herbal tea is zesty, aromatic and therapeutic. Made by Dweller makers only using the freshly harvested lemongrass, sip for stomach comfort and uplifting caffeine free energy.


    Gentle Green Tea with Lotus Leaf: Smooth and gentle on the palate, sip the combined benefits of gentle Green tea and pan roasted Lotus leaf, which adds strength and earthy aroma to the infusion.


    Turmeric Ginger with Star Anise: Turmeric and ginger speak for themselves with their potential antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits. Earthy and warm, sip this natural duo with black pepper and star anise for delicious aroma.


    Strong Black Tea: This black tea is rich, robust and bright. Sourced during second flush season and joyfully served at Dweller cafes, enjoy our go-to strong black tea with or without milk.