Best Fruit Teas Bundle

Best Fruit Teas Bundle


Best fruit teas in a bundle. What's in it? Refreshing Sumac Berry, Spiced Hog Plum and Fruity Roselle Olive.

  • Refreshing Sumac Berry: This tea is bursting with tart and citrusy flavour of Sumac berry (locally Hei-mang). Sip iced or a delicious cup of hot Sumac Berry tea for digestion, energy and simple joy with every sip.


    Spiced Hog Plum: Upbeat and delicious with a hint of spice! Hog plum has a super juicy chewy seed with raw mango notes. Traditionally consumed to treat bloating and tiredness among many others, sip Hog plum for digestion and a burst of lively energy.


    Fruity Roselle Olive: This infusion is vibrant red, delicious and refreshing, hot or iced. Indian Olive has a charm of its own - with fresh citrusy notes. Roselle ties the tart blend together for an energising and uplifting sip.