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Best Fruit Teas Bundle

Best Fruit Teas Bundle


Best fruit teas in a bundle. What's in it? Refreshing Sumac Berry and Roselle with Indian Olive.

  • Refreshing Sumac Berry: Tiny citrusy berries grown in a cluster - that's Sumac Berry (locally Hei-mang)! Naturally grown in the hills of Manipur, Sumac Berry is traditionally enjoyed powdered, used to make a delicious hot infusion as a digestive aid, or cold brewed to stay cool and hydrated on a sunny day.


    Fruity Roselle Olive: Harvested when cheerfully red, Roselle (also known as Hibiscus) makes a delicious vibrant drink, hot or iced. Indian Olive adds a special touch with fresh citrusy notes, while preserving this perishable indigenous fruit. It's super fruity, tart, floral and delicious.

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