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Bestsellers Bundle

Bestsellers Bundle


Dweller's six bestselling flavours in a bundle. What’s in it? Roselle with Indian Olive, Sumac Berry Tea, Lemongrass Ginger, Nong-mang-kha Green Tea, Lakadong Turmeric with Star Anise and Green Tea with Lotus Leaf.

  • Sumac Berry Tea: Tiny citrusy berries grown in a cluster - that's Sumac Berry (locally Hei-mang)! This tea is bursting with tart and citrusy flavour of Sumac berry. Sip iced or make a delicious cup of hot tea for digestion, energy and simple joy with every sip.


    Nong-mang-kha Ginger Green: Nong-mang-kha, a traditional plant of Manipur, holds a special place. The elders in the family would boil its evergreen leaves to create an infusion or inhale its steam to feel better. It's a bittersweet memory that reminds us of the plant's traditional medicinal properties and the care of our loved ones.


    Lemongrass Ginger: This natural duo finds its way through the growers of Manipur. Long known for antioxidant and anti- inflammatory benefits, they are high grown in the pristine hills, and they have a bit more zing!


    Fruity Roselle Olive: Harvested when cheerfully red, Roselle (also known as Hibiscus) makes a delicious vibrant drink, hot or iced. Indian Olive adds a special touch with fresh citrusy notes, while preserving this perishable indigenous fruit.


    Green Tea with Lotus Leaf: Smooth and gentle on the palate, sip the combined benefits of gentle Green tea and pan roasted Lotus leaf, which adds strength and earthy aroma to the infusion.


    Lakadong Turmeric with Star Anise: Lakadong Turmeric, a unique variety originating from Meghalaya, is blended with Ginger, Black Pepper and Star Anise. This vibrant herbal infusion offers a fresh start without the need for caffeine.

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