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Fruity Roselle Olive Tea


Dweller Teas Maker Radharani says, “our Fruity Roselle Olive is super refreshing, delicious and truly one of a kind”. It is vibrant red and naturally delightful, with tart and floral notes that are reminiscent of cranberry and pomegranate. Made with three real ingredients we grew up with in Manipur, this infusion brings back lively memories of making jam with Roselle, pickle with Indian olives and uplifting the flavour with the zest of indigenous citrus fruit called as hei-ribob. Enjoy this fruity infusion hot or cold.

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Traditional benefits*

Both Roselle and Indian Olive are known to be rich in Vitamin C. We created this vibrant blend to bring you immunity support. Naturally caffeine-free, this citrusy blend will leave you energised and cleansed.

When we like it

After meals for healthy digestion, to delight someone or if we just want something delicious and uplifting.

Taste and feel

Tangy, floral and refreshing.

Infusion Appearance

Vibrant, juicy red, cranberry-like.

Three Real Ingredients (No added colours, flavours or preservatives)

Roselle (Silot Sougri), Indian Olive (Chorphon), Citrus zest (Citrus Latipes / Heiribob).

Naturally caffeine free.

*This information is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Sample Loose, 100g Loose, 3 Infusion Bags Sample Pack, 18 Infusion Bags Individual Pack, 50 Infusion Bags Everyday Pack

6 reviews for Fruity Roselle Olive Tea

  1. Dina

    Exciting drink! love the colour and the fruity taste of roselle.

  2. Indrani (verified owner)

    Fell in love with both the colour and the fruity taste. My new favourite ice tea!

  3. Charishma Sarman (verified owner)

    This is literally one of the best Assam teas I have ever tasted in terms of flavour and smell. Being a person who has lived in the tea gardens of Assam since childhood, I highly recommend it to all the tea lovers who have not yet gotten the real taste of Assam tea! 😀

  4. Tracy (verified owner)

    Refreshing and invigorating tea! Beautiful colour as well! A completely satisfying brew after heavy meals!

  5. Rohit Jain

    This is a refreshing tea from the Dwellers house. I experimented it once in a cafe. Now i am up for this tea anytime anywhere. A must try at the Dwellers collections. Also, you can try the chilled version of this tea at their outlet. Worth every sip. #fruityroselletea

  6. Luwang Leima

    This tea gives a unique taste. Excellent.

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