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Refreshing Sumac Berry Tea (Hei-mang)


Dweller Ratna brews and serves Refreshing Sumac Berry with joy at our cafe in Manipur. This tea is bursting with tart and citrusy flavour of Sumac berry (locally Hei-mang). Naturally grown in the hills of Manipur, Hei-mang is so refreshing and naturally delightful that it is a childhood favourite for many! Our grandmothers used to cold brew to sip and stay cool on a sunny day. With our infusion bags, you can instantly brew iced tea or a delicious cup of hot Sumac Berry tea for digestion, energy and simple joy with every sip.

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Traditional benefits*

Promotes digestion. Herbal healers believe Hei-mang fruits (sumac berries) are antidiarrheal and rich in antioxidants. We created this blend to leave you refreshed and relaxed, while sipping this unique fruit from North-East India.

When we like it

After meals as a delicious treat, after a long day at work to refresh or when in need for digestive comfort.

Taste and feel

Lemony, energising and uplifting.

Infusion Appearance

Bright. Black tea infusion with an orange, lemony tinge.

Two Real Ingredients (No added colours, flavours or preservatives)

Hei-mang fruit (Rhus Chinensis), Black tea.

Low to medium caffeine level.

*This information is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

8 reviews for Refreshing Sumac Berry Tea (Hei-mang)


    one of the best tea brands i have ever had……and heimang red tea is my fav ……..the taste very unique and i really love it….

  2. Premmi karam

    Best tea?

  3. Debina laishram

    Hope I like it ……will order more

  4. Rahul Jain

    I got to taste this at the dweller café and the owner was really sweet to hand me some free sample as they did not have the smaller packs then.
    This is the best black tea I have ever had. Must try

  5. Rahul jain

    This is my favourite out if all the flavoured teas they have. Got to know it’s really good for headaches and a perfect break from studies for me.

  6. Tourangbam Harishore Singh

    The fruity aroma, with every sip, it brings the childhood memory of eating Hei-mang. A refreshing drink for a sleepy evening.

  7. Kriti Thakur

    Loved this one. I tried the fruity Roselle as well. Nice refreshing flavours.

  8. bsang84

    Bought it from Manipur, finished 2 boxes n now ordering again, my favourite, it has become inevitable, much love dwellers

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