Growing up, I found joy in simple things nature offered. The rolling hills, nature’s fresh produce, tall bamboo trees, clear skies and playing tirelessly under the sun. Anything seemed possible then.

Dweller Story

However, I travelled distances, all for a promising future. The journey was undoubtedly enriching yet, there was a part of me that yearned to return. And so, armed with savings and joy, I left my job and I found my way back home.

I delved into my own product development, and started crafting infusions based on indigenous plants and refreshing flavours that million others and I grew up with. To serve you the best of nature and improve livelihoods.

Dweller Story

The benefits, flavour, aroma and colour of the infusions, I believed, should come from the real ingredients and nothing else.

When I was a little girl, I would put tiny Sumac Berries in my hand and lick it with joy. I remember that one Roselle plant in the backyard. Since many years, I had not seen the vibrant red colour of blooming Roselle. While Hei-mang and Roselle Olive are citrusy, uplifting and digestive, elders in the family would boil the leaves of Nong-mang-kha to help with cold and cough. It’s a traditional herbal medicine, known for antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Dweller Story

And what a joy it is to serve Dweller delights at the Dweller cafes! Come visit us whenever you can. And wherever you are, join us for a cup of tea and let Dweller take you back to simpler times.

Eli Chaoba, Founder