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Our Values

Dweller is someone who dwells or lives in a particular place. And wherever we are, we believe in uplifting the strengths of the place we dwell in. We believe there is a connection between making the most of what we have, being kind to ourselves and our planet, and living a sustainable + joyful life.


Real and honest

The benefits, flavour, aroma and colour of all our infusions come from real ingredients. Over 92% of the ingredients we use are made by Dweller Makers in the place of origin, and they are naturally grown. The other ingredients include Green tea, which we source direct from an organic certified garden.

Growers -> Dweller Makers -> You

Treat people right

We believe in treating our people right and being there through the ups and downs of life. All our Dweller Makers have pension plan benefit, and we aim to provide health insurance coverage by end of FY 21-22.


Be kind to our planet

We reuse, repurpose and use local made, planet friendly materials as much as possible. Step inside our Dweller cafe and experience simpler times.


This year, we planted 3,000 indigenous plants that have reduced in population. Our target is to plant 5,000 trees each year, while contributing 10% of our profit to preserve the gift of nature and improve livelihoods.

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