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What We Do

Growers -> Dweller Makers -> You

We are a grassroots brand. We make naturally delightful sips.

We source fresh produces from growers and wild collectors, and they are made into quality ingredients for Dweller Teas. Over 92% of the ingredients we use are brought to life by Dweller Makers to make you sip the difference.


Our Why

"Chingda satpi engellei..

Chinnadana kenkhiba..."

“Engellei flower wandering over the hills..

Getting withered without noticing..."

When Larry, Dweller maker Pratima's son, shared these two lines from a Manipuri folk song, it shared our sentiments. It was a poet's lament on the mountain flower Engellei blown away by the harsh wind before it adorns someone's hair. The flower withers away without letting the world know its gift.

In today's fast-moving world, indigenous plants and memories are gradually slipping away. Dweller is our way of valuing what each one of us have and are surrounded by to make a positive difference.

We are firm believers in the power of simple, authentic ingredients deeply connected to our roots. Together, we uplift local resources and livelihoods, preserving cherished traditions for the generations to come.


Dweller Makers


Dweller Story

Growing up, I found joy in simple things nature offered. The rolling hills, nature’s fresh produce, tall bamboo trees, clear skies and playing tirelessly under the sun. However, I travelled distances, all for a promising future. The journey was undoubtedly enriching yet, there was a part of me that yearned to return. And so, armed with savings and joy, I left my job and I found my way home.

With the support of Dweller makers, I started crafting infusions with indigenous plants and refreshing flavours that million others and we grew up with. We wanted to do something about uplifting indigenous plants for sustainable livelihoods because with each passing generation, indigenous plants and memories are slowly fading.

And so, from our first day, Dweller has been about sharing simple joy and infusing childhood memories for grassroots good. When I was a little girl, I would put tiny Sumac Berries (Hei-mang) in my hand and lick it with joy. I remember that one Roselle plant in the backyard. Since many years, I had not seen the vibrant red colour of blooming Roselle. While Hei-mang and Roselle are citrusy, uplifting and digestive, elders in the family would boil the leaves of Nong-mang-kha to help with cold and cough. It’s a traditional herbal medicine, known for antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Today, we are a team of 22. And coming from the less explored North-east India, we believe there is so much of goodness yet to be shared with you and the world. We exist as a grassroots brand to delight you and do good sustainably.

Dweller Eli (Chaoba)


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