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Made with real authentic ingredients, every Dweller Sip helps in preserving indigenous plants and changing our world for the better. 


Made with real ingredients.

Never added colours, flavours,

fragrances, or preservatives.

Made by Dweller women

makers with fresh, seasonal,

local, indigenous produce.

We work at the grassroots for preserving indigenous plants

and uplifting livelihoods.




with Care



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Dweller Story

The reality is that indigenous plants and memories are slowly fading with each passing generation.


We believe in a future where all people and plants have a chance to thrive. That’s why Dweller started as a grassroots origin brand to drive progress from the ground up.


We are here to delight you with the authentic taste and hidden goodness of indigenous plants, while preserving them and improving livelihoods.


“Like a child who feels overjoyed on his or her candy, I feel the same while ordering different varieties of tea from your PoS!”

— Sherin

IMG_20201211_133831 (1).jpg

“Dweller is unique and contains fresh flavours, which I have not tasted before. Happy to see it locally grown & caffeine-free.”

— Thressy

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